Few brands elicit such a (mostly positive) reaction from people than Market Basket.  It is truly the grocery store where you get more for your dollar.  But someone made a comment on Facebook that got me thinking, "How many Market Baskets does one stretch of road need?" There are three in a row on Route 28 in Salem, New Hampshire, and here are some theories as to why.

Keep Out the Competition

Our friend Dan Alexander, one of our star contributors for Townsquare Media, has a theory about this, since his family is from Westford, Massachusetts.

In Westford, there were two Market Basket locations within a mile of each other for about a year.  The first location was leased to become Whole Foods. However, it remained Market Basket until their lease ran out, and they were able to hold a competitor from opening.

Dan theorizes that by having so many locations, they keep out the competition, build their own brand, and force people to shop at Market Basket.  One of those Westford stores was originally a "DeMoulas."  That is a trip in the "way back" machine, right there.

It's All About the Money, Honey.

Here's my theory as to why there are three Market Basket locations in a row on Route 28 in Salem.  Without a doubt, it's because the market demands it, wants it, and supports it.

Think about it. You're the big boss at MB, and have one location on Route 28 in Salem that is always packed. You run out of products on the daily, especially on the weekends, and you can't keep up with the demand, so what do you do?  You open another location close by, and the same thing happens.  The store is a massive success, so you open a third location close by again.

This is a simple case of supply and demand.  The Salem, New Hampshire, area shopper demanded these Market Baskets, so Artie T. answered the call.

Traffic is Crazy on Route 28 in Salem, New Hampshire

Then there's the issue of traffic on Route 28.  It's insane.  That fact may have been taken into account when they were making those decisions way back when.

Why do you think Route 28 in Salem, New Hampshire, needs three Market Baskets?

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