Dear grocery shoppers in New England,

Put your freaking carriages away.

Let me rephrase so that it is nicer, and in case you don't know what I am talking about immediately.

Dear grocery shoppers in New England,

Put your damn grocery carts back in the cart corral.

I went to Market Basket in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the other night to do my week's worth of grocery shopping. When I went into the store, I saw a stray shopping cart or two in the parking lot.

I thought, "Man, it is nearly 20 degrees out. People should put those away right when they are done using them..."

When I came out from shopping, the number had gone up tenfold.

Logan Sherwood
Logan Sherwood

There were probably 20+ shopping carriages just tossed around the parking lot, taking up and blocking spaces. It infuriated me. I put a few back, trying to help out. However, I could not spend my night putting away 20+ carts.

It got me thinking, "What the heck is going through these people's minds? Putting your cart away takes maybe 15 seconds."

But when gram gram needs to park in the handicap spot and there's a cart there, that's going to take her a lot more than 15 seconds. She may have to get out of her car, grab the walker, move the cart, get back in her car, and pull into the spot.

Or worse. She avoids the handicap spot, since someone was too lazy to push it back, so she has to park further away and risk slipping on black ice.

Not to mention the 14 to 16-year-olds who have to go collect the carts.

"Well it's their job, they get paid for that..." is what someone would likely say if they were a repeat offender.

No, it's not their job. Their job is to go get the carts from the corral, maybe a few stray that have blown away, and return them inside.

Logan Sherwood
Logan Sherwood

It drives me crazy when I can't pull into a spot because a cart is there. And just because there was already a cart in the middle of a parking spot does not mean it is now the new corral.

Like the image above. When I pulled into the lot there was only one cart here. After I shopped, another lazy shopper joined forces with the mysteriously left cart.

Do better.

I will end my rant. Just help each other out and put your shopping carriage back. It's cold in New England this time of year.

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