Go ahead. Open that bag of chips.  No humans are watching.

Aldi Launches New Shopping Experience With the Help of AI

Remember when we were first exposed to self-checkouts and we hated them?  Then we tried them out one day, and found they can be super convenient when you're not wearing any makeup and want to run in and run out of the store. So we like them now (maybe that was just my experience)?  But now, Aldi has now launched ALDIgo without checkout lines, scanners, or cashiers, according to foodandwine.com.  My mind immediately went to, "I hate this," especially because there are nine Aldi locations in New Hampshire, and 21 in Massachusetts.  

ALDIgo Launched in Illinois

The article in foodandwine.com doesn't say anything about making these changes to the Massachusetts and New Hampshire locations, but it DOES say this is "a pivotal moment for the grocery industry."  Aldi has one location just outside of Chicago that has zero cashiers, and no checkout lines or scanners.  Sounds like it would be a huge change, but according to the article, nothing too much changes.  People would shop the way they normally would at Aldi's, but there are cameras everywhere and ceiling-mounted scanners.  After their carriage is full, they go to the front, bag their own groceries (that doesn't change), and they walk out.  They will have paid for the items already via credit or debit card, an app, or a QR code.

Aldi Can Be a Strange Experience, but Your Wallet Will Love It

If you're not familiar with Aldi, it can be a weird experience.  When you walk in, you can't just grab a carriage and be on your way to grab some nice deli meats from the guy/girl behind the counter.  You have to pay a quarter (which you get back after you pay), then you get your carriage and off you go.  The aisles are stocked with food that isn't out of the box.  It is somewhat displayed, but basically, you just grab whatever you want from the box and go.  There are no deli counter or bakery people.  After you're done shopping the way it is now, you wait in line to pay and give your method of payment to an actual cashier.  You won't believe how good some of the prices are.

It's All Fun and Games Until Technology Fails

Having NO ONE in the store who actually works there would be unnerving for me.  What if I need help?  Stores have already figured this out with the self-checkouts.  Most every store I go into now has someone dedicated to that area in case of problems.  And besides, my very first job was at a grocery store in Nashua, New Hampshire, and that job paid for my braces.  What about the actual people that work in these locations now?

Do you shop at Aldi's?  What do you think of this idea?

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