Time for the annual pictures of my brother's ice fishing weekend up at Balch Pond in Wakefield, NH. A ice fishing tradition unlike any other.

Clint Lapierre Photo Credit
Clint Lapierre Photo Credit

Yellow Perch

When I was a kid not far from here on Province Lake, It seemed like all I'd ever catch were yellow perch, but nothing close to this size. At over a foot long, this beast would have probably bent my Zebco 100 right in half.

Clint Lapierre Photo Credit

Black Crappie

Last year's catch of this species was close to the NH State record, no such luck this year but a nice looking fish for sure.

Clint Lapierre Photo Credit

Large Mouth Bass

Lunkah! I can assure you that Chris is not trying to light his cigar with this beast.

Clint Lapierre Photo

Large Mouth Bass The Sequel

Clint Lapierre Photo Credit


This is where I need your help, is this a small mouth bass or another black crappie?

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