Just before Christmas, the Animal Refuge League in Portland found a very unexpected package. Right in their front parking lot, staff members discovered a crate with three male beagles inside.

Animal Refuge League via Facebook
Animal Refuge League via Facebook

The good news is all three dogs are doing fine. The Animal Refuge League recently gave an update on their Facebook page:

We gave each a thorough examination, food, water, and comfortable bedding. Given it was December 23rd, we named them Dancer, Prancer, and Dasher. Since their arrival, they have been neutered and cleared by our veterinary team. 

This is indeed wonderful news. However, it does highlight an issue the Animal Refuge League has been dealing with: anonymous abandonments.

The League mentions in their post that it's the second time they have had a trio of beagles abandoned on their property. There's also been an increase of cats and rabbits being left in cages at the front door.

Jeana Roth from the Animal Refuge League said the organization appreciates the effort being put in for folks to bring them to a good place. However, animals being left out in the elements and alone is very dangerous.

Roth said it's important to remember it's about the animal:

"For us, we want people to know that surrendering your pet is judgement-free and that information about the pet helps us find them the home they need. Vet records, immunization history, the pet's experience with children and other animals -- all of those things are really important for us to know."

As for the beagles, well, let's just say they are having a great 2022. Dasher, Dancer and Prancer have already all been adopted. However, many other furry friends looking for forever homes are still waiting for a call.

Visit www.arlgp.org to start the adoption process or for more information. Available animals are also listed on the website daily and waiting to meet you.

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