If you've never been to these events, it's definitely worth a road trip, no matter where you live!


Every first weekend in August, Maine gets to celebrate that famous crustacean, the Lobster with the Maine Lobster Festival.  This is a FABULOUS event and if you don't live near Rockland, Maine, I suggest a road trip.  It's not that far.  From Portsmouth, it's about 2 1/2 hours away.  There are all kinds of events planned for the weekend, but one of my favorites is the seafood cooking contest.  What a wouldn't do to be a judge!

New Hampshire

The NH Highland Games:  According to their website:  Kilts, caber tossing, and haggis - oh my!  How can you not like men being comfortable going around wearing skirts?  It's a wonderful thing.  The Games have hosted Thor Bjornsson, according to the website, one of the stars of Game of Thrones.  The Games also play host to more than 30 Scottish pipe bands from Canada and the U.S.


To me, it isn't the 4th of July until I see the Boston Pops perform at the Hatch Shell in Boston.  It's a fabulous event and people are, for the most part, very well behaved.  Some stay all day to make sure they get a good seat up at the front of the lawn at this free event.  My suggestion for this event, get in to Boston the day before, get a room close to the esplanade with a balcony, and watch the fireworks from there.  There really is nothing like hearing the Pops live, so if you can brave the crowds, go for it, but you don't have to stay all day.  The electricity of the event is felt for miles.

Honorable mention for Vermont:  Their Festival of Heifers already happened, but you bet your bippy I'll be there next year!!


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