You may have heard a few years back that at some point, we would have to convert our licenses to a Real I.D.  New Hampshire started offering that option around 2017.  Since then, many people have opted to convert their regular ol' I.D. to a Real I.D.  What you may not know is that in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, it is not mandatory that you convert to the Real I.D. However, you may want to, and here are six reasons why.

You can't work at the Seabrook, New Hampshire, Nuclear Power Plant

If you work or if you want to visit (you do you) the Seabrook Nuclear Power plant, you won't be able to without the Real I.D.  They are bound by federal regulations, therefore, the federal mandate applies to obtaining a Real I.D.

You can't get on an airplane, both foreign and domestic

If you want to board any aircraft that is regulated under the FAA, (and why would you be IN any other type of aircraft,) you won't be able to without the Real I.D.  Federal mandates apply here.

You won't be able to go into any Federal Building without one

You might think "Why would I ever need to go into a Federal building?", but the list of offices and departments that one day you may have to deal with is very long.  Check it out here.  

You can't enter the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Or any military base, for that matter.  Federal guidelines apply for all Military bases, so you need the Federal Real I.D. to enter.

Forget the Tour of Washington D.C.

Say that somebody invited you to the Ballet at the Kennedy Center.  I don't know about you, but I'd be excited to go.  Finally!  An event where I can wear that feather boa and black Louboutin pumps.  No, seriously, they won't let you in without a Real I.D.  The Kennedy Center is a Federally-ffunded building, hence the need for a Real I.D.  Don't believe me?  Check the aforementioned list.  Chances are, if you are taking a tour anywhere around Washington, D.C., you'll need to show your Real I.D.

There's a Deadline to obtain the Real I.D.

You have to get a Real I.D. before May 7, 2025.  I can hear my most beloved procrastinator in my head right now saying, "Oh, I've got time."  Just do it before you forget.

If you're not getting a Real I.D., let me know why?

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