How does better sleep sound? Reduction in allergies?  Our New Hampshire and Maine honey is a super powerful antioxidant so get ready to not only support local businesses, but your immune system.  And winter is the time to start to build up your  defenses for spring allergies and then some.

Danika Perkinson @danika_anya
Danika Perkinson @danika_anya

That's right, according the the Farmer's Almanec, local is the only way to go for many reasons, mainly that it comes from our local environment.  I mean, this sweet stuff is about more than just tasting amazing!

Using our New Hampshire or Maine honey means that we're getting the natural allergens native to here.  When we eat our New England honey, we're ingesting pollen from our environment, and according to, this means we should become less sensitive to our surrounding elements in the air and should experience fewer seasonal allergies, or at least less symptoms.

Can you imagine less sneezing and watery eyes simply because you're eating delicious, New Hampshire honey?  How heavenly.

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You see, our local bees make local honey, which means the pollen they collect and bring back to their hive comes from our very own New Hampshire and Maine plants.

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Since many seasonal allergies are caused by these same plants, eating honey that contains that pollen can possibly combat those allergies.

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We New Englanders love our outdoor activities. So when we can't enjoy our mountain hikes or skiing, beach days or boat rides on our lakes, that's pretty tragic.

According to Tom's Maine Honey

In addition to potentially fighting allergies, one of the great benefits of local honey is that it’s unprocessed and pure. The stuff you find in the grocery stores is often filtered, a process that removes the trace amounts of pollen it might contain. The purer the honey, the stronger its medicinal benefits, like potential anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

So are you ready to buy local honey?  My simple google search dropped so many places to find local honey that it's too many to list.  So go nuts, enjoy the search, and remember, local honey even tastes a bit different and more pure.  Yum!

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