Giving pills to your dog can be a very difficult task if he/she doesn't want to take them. There are a lot of methods out there, but this weird trick worked the best for my dog and me.

I tried pill pocket treats, and those worked for awhile, but Thomas figured out he can eat around the pill and spit it out.

I tried putting the pill in his mouth and holding it shut while stroking his throat. No good, he held onto those pills and spit them out after I thought he had swallowed them.

Recently, I was informed of the nose blowing method. Check it out!

  • 1

    Insert Pill

    One at a time

    GENTLY open your dogs mouth and insert the pill as far back as you can. I do one at a time to make sure the pill gets ingested.

    Thomas Takes His Pill - Kim Fish Pic
  • 2

    Hold Dog's Mouth Shut

    Use a gentle grip

    GENTLY hold your dogs mouth shut, make sure the dog can breath comfortably through the nose.

    Thomas having his mouth held shut - Kim Fish Pic
  • 3

    Blow On Your Dogs Nose

    Sounds funny, but works!

    While Gently holding your dogs mouth shut with the pill inside, lightly blow on your dogs nose. This should cause the dog to swallow and hopefully the pill will go down.

    Thomas swallowing his pill - Kim Fish Pic