According to AP News, three Romanian men have been sentenced to prison for their part in a multi-state skimming scam.

Prosecutors in Boston say that in addition to their jail time, they have to pay more than $400,000 in restitution.

Apparently, the men were part of a larger gang that attached skimming devices to ATMs in order to steak debit card numbers and PIN's to create counterfeit cards and make unauthorized withdrawals from the victims' bank accounts, AP News stated.  The devices were installed in several states including Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

I rarely put my debit card in to an ATM machine.  I'm even a little paranoid about doing it in the grocery store.  There are people trying to take your money around every corner in this day and age with everything being online. It's almost a necessary to have your information online these days, so everyone is vulnerable.

Gone are the days of stashing away piles of cash.  I suspect that someday, even cold, hard cash will not be accepted anymore anywhere.


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