This video is going viral!  A boy with spina bifida who is wheelchair-bound, had the time of his life at a trampoline park.  Check this out:

I wish I had one to show you when I brought my step-daughter, Audrey to the trampoline place in Portland.  If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you may be aware that Audrey is 23 and has Down Syndrome.  Couple of things that you should know about Audrey - she has trouble seeing and wears a strong prescription glasses and she walks at the speed of snail.  Her wheelhouse is eating, sitting on the couch watching House and listening to music.  (A girl after my own heart.)

A while back when we lived in Maine, we took her to the trampoline park, Get Air, in Portland.  At first, she was a little nervous about actually getting ON the trampoline, but, I held her hand and gently encouraged her to try.  Before you know it,  there we were - holding hands and jumping up and down on the trampoline.  I have never seen her so happy.  It was one of the best times I've ever had with her.

There is a trampoline park in Portsmouth, Blitz Air and I just got off the phone with the manager, James.  He DID see the video of the boy in the wheelchair and although he loved it, he said that accidents do happen sometimes with the double jump, so he was a little nervous watching it.  Blitz Air does have a 32 years old adult with Down Syndrome that goes there and loves it. James said that if someone came in with a wheelchair, he would have to ask the owner what to do in that circumstance.

Here are reasons why you need to take your special needs person to the Trampoline Park:

1.  It gives them a chance to be social and feel like everyone else.  No one is judging anyone else at the Trampoline Park.  Everyone is just running around having a good time laughing together.

2.  They learn to follow directions from someone other than you.  You have to abide by certain rules at the Trampoline park and since your special needs person really want to play, they'll listen.

3.  It burns a ton of calories.  People with Down Syndrome like to eat.  A lot.  So, sometimes, they have extra pounds on them and this is a great way to burn off some excess calories.

Having a special needs person in your life isn't always easy.  There are certainly challenges that come with caring for them, but please take my advice if you care for someone who has limited mobility and bring them, if they are able, to the trampoline park near you.  You will be giving them (and yourself) such an incredible gift and a memory you will soon not forget.


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