First and foremost, you have to turn down the volume on this video, it's TERRIBLE!  No offense to the person that put this together for YouTube, but for the love of MIKE and all this is holy, do yourself a favor and mute the volume.

More warnings about the video:

  • At :33 seconds in, there's a bear who tried to get a cracker and he has to reach through the bars to try to get it.  This reminds me that this wild creature is locked up.  Made me a little sad.
  • At about :50 seconds in, check out the turtle who looks half dead.
  • And, at 2:04 at the "Brothers and Sisters Having Fun" part, I'm not so sure that little girl looks like she was having fun.  She looks a bit pained if you ask me.

The most shocking thing about the video is there are no shots of Tony the Gorilla.  You may remember him too.  Tony was a huge silverback gorilla who made Benson's his home for 20 years, but was then transferred to a new home in Cincinnati, where they re-named him Colossus.

I grew up in Nashua, right next to Hudson and I did go to Benson's, but it wasn't the happy place for me that it was for others.  That place, for me, is still up and running and making children happy without the "wild animals being locked up" thing.  Canobie Lake Park is where it's at.  For EVAH!


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