As the winter draws near, the prospects of more Granite Staters staying at home seems more likely everyday. I'm here with a PSA on how to use these spirits to improve your own, spirit. You must be Age 21 and over to read and please drink responsibly.

4 Boozes To Use For Your NH Quarantine

When researching this article, I was absolutely floored by the discovery that the Cape Codder (usually vodka and cranberry juice with lime) can be served with Gin? I have nothing against the stuff but I just can't wrap my mind around mixing the flavor of juniper berries and cranberries. It just seems odd.

But life is for living so, the next time I'm in that particular aisle of the NH State Liquor Store I'll have to buy a pint and see how it tastes.

Since the passing of Americana songwriting legend John Prine, I have been enjoying another combo that I've never mixed prior to 2020.

'Then I'm gonna get a cocktail, vodka and ginger ale' - John Prine 'When I Get To Heaven'

I use about two parts Polar Ginger Ale with one part Vodka and I must say it's surprisingly smooth.

If I'm having tequila, it's usually mixed with orange juice or grapefruit juice.

More often than not, bourbon is left alone with ice but the aforementioned ginger ale, or a can of ginger beer will go nicely with it, especially if it's not 'top shelf' quality.

As you can see, these recipes aren't going to win you a mixology trophy, but they do all assist your mood when there's nothing on your schedule until February.

Enjoy responsibly!

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