National Peanut Butter Day is one of the holidays you don't want to over celebrate. It's a calorie bomb which may not require a big button, but can detonate many diet plans. That said, please enjoy these five ways to consume, what I think greatest snack going, responsibly.


1. Off The Knife:

Safe? Well, that's up to your skills. I did say enjoy responsibly. Point is, if you're looking for a delicious, and filling snack, this is the quickest way to go. It's a thing of time management genius. Find knife, insert into jar, scoop, and there ya go. It's also the purest way to enjoy the snack/breakfast.

2. PB&J:

This is how most of us were introduced to peanut butter. Whether you're on a tight budget, or looking to throw together a quick lunch for the office/job site, it's a winner. Bonus points for not having to refrigerate. Unlike, some other sandwiches which will remain nameless.

3. With an Apple:

Yes, these have been on the nutritional side of things, we'll slide on this later. It's January, and many of us are still in New Years Resolution mode. Plus, this combo is a winner. Apples still taste great this time of year, and a scoop of peanut butter takes care of the protein the sugar-happy apple lacks.

4. With Celery:

For me, it's the only way to eat celery. I never enjoyed this water loaded green until my mother suggested to dip it in peanut butter. This was a mind blown moment for a much younger me, and have been on board ever since. Yet again, a quick, convenient snack. If you've been missing the crunch of Doritos, pretzels, or any other bag of empty calories, give this a 3-4 day run. They'll likely be a day 5 for you.

5. In Fudge:

Because, life. It's too short NOT to enjoy such treats. Unless your doctor tells you differently, everything in moderation, right?





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