There is indeed an app that folks in New Hampshire detest more than the rest. We New Englanders are opinionated people in general, so it only makes sense that we'd voice our disdain for apps that are annoying, unhelpful, or otherwise a nuisance.

But how can we really know what app is disliked the most? Well, it's all thanks to a PC Mag study.

According to their website, "Electronics Hub analyzed geotagged tweets about cryptocurrency, dating, entertainment, money transfer, and social media apps and found that some are universally disliked," hence how the data was collected. Not only did PC Mag discover the most hated app in New Hampshire, but in every state nationwide.

So, what's the verdict?

When it comes to New England, our Maine neighbors apparently have a vendetta against TikTok, while Massachusetts has a bone to pick with Snapchat, and Rhode Island with Facebook. Connecticut isn't vibing with WhatsApp, and Vermont and New Jersey have beef with Tinder.

But how about New Hampshire?

Apparently, residents of New Hampshire and Connecticut share a common sentiment: WhatsApp isn't all it's cracked up to be. That's right, WhatsApp is the most hated app in New Hampshire.

This writer knows next to nothing about WhatsApp, other than that it's used for free messaging and calling. What do people have against that? Can someone enlighten us?

As for an overall national opinion, the most hated app in the country is Tinder (in 21 states total), followed by Reddit (7), Snapchat (6), Roblox (5), and Facebook (3), according to the study. When it comes to WhatsApp, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Virginia are the only states that take issue with it.

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