What a dud! This morning's annular solar eclipse left a lot to be desired due to the tree line and early morning haze. Here's a fun list of memorable solar eclipses in NH history.

4 Memorable Solar Eclipses That Will Pale In Comparison To 4/8/24

My favorite part of the solar eclipse experience is involving completely disinterested people in checking out this phenomenon first hand and then watching them do a double take when they look through the view finder.

I completely understand it, even when half the sun is obscured from view, you'd really have no clue that anything out of the ordinary is going on.

When I saw the 1994 eclipse, I was finishing up a round of golf at Exeter Country Club. Most of the patrons at the 19th hole weren't even interested in watching it on TV as WBZ-4 was showing a live filtered close up (I'm not sure that's the technical term for it).

Slow but sure, one of the drinkers got enough courage to ask me if he could take a peek through my viewer and was instantly amazed by what he saw. Within 30 seconds, there was literally a line up of brewery scented amateur astronomers passing my viewer around.

The same thing happened in 2017, at a parking lot in Brentwood NH a woman said 'I thought that eclipse already happened this morning, are you sure you're looking at the right thing?'

And once one person sees it, they all line up.

I cannot wait for April 8th, 2024. For a full two minutes, all of Coos County will be in total darkness at NOON.

My cousin has a cabin at an undisclosed location way up North and I already have invited myself to his property.

I shall not let anyone look through my visor for those two minutes, no way! And even if it's cloudy that day, I'm telling you TOTAL DARKNESS AT NOON!

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