It's National Hamburger Day so I'm going all out. Five Seacoast restaurants will be featured alongside a description of the glorious cheeseburger plates they provide. This research has been THOROUGH.

5 Best Cheeseburger Plates on the NH Seacoast

Are there set standards, regulations and rules for a cheeseburger plate? I must say, when some places only offer a 'bag' of chips and the 'bag' is so small that there is barely enough chips in it to qualify as the plural of chip? That's not cool. You're probably not going to get a reorder from me on that deal.

Now I really do get excited if I try a place and they ask you what kind of dressing for the salad. The side salad is what truly makes it a 'plate' for me.

HOWEVER, the over all quality of the cheeseburger and fries is really what matters. If you order a 'plate' and get that combination and both are high quality? The test has been passed in my book and I'll likely get it again and again.

10 Best Burgers in Maine

10 Best Burgers in Maine

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