Is there anything better than a local, fresh turkey for Thanksgiving?  Okay, maybe being knee deep in mashed potatoes and gravy, but you can't have that without the bird.  I don't think it's illegal, but it should be.

There are a few things that I know how to do on an excellent level.  Making a turkey dinner for my family is one of those things.  As a matter of fact, it may be on the top of the list.  I am Ella Mary Trombly's daughter after all, (this still makes me smile to even TYPE) and she was the bomb-diggity of Thanksgiving.  No one could top her game, except maybe her sister Hazel, so I carry on that tradition.

One of the key ingredients to making a successful Thanksgiving meal is to find the best local, fresh turkey there is.  It does take some pre-ordering.  If you want the whole day to be an absolute disaster, then just wait until the last minute to order your bird, nbd.

There are several places here around the seacoast that have fresh turkeys.  A couple of these places, I didn't even know existed!  I try to make it a habit to buy as much food as I can from the local farmers.  It makes me feel good about sustaining their livelihood so I can sustain mine.  Many of these farms have eggs and produce too, so you can get just about everything you need, not just the bird for Thanksgiving.

Check 'em out!

5 Local NH/MA Farms to Order Your Fresh Turkey

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