We had a bunch of events planned for the month of March and all of them have been cancelled, which means that we get to stay home.  I'm a home body at heart, so this makes me kinda happy, I'll admit, but I do get antsy.  I like being home until I get bored, then I want to go back to work.  In an effort to keep away the boredom, I present to you, these 5 fun things (and one boring one) you can do if you are stuck at home.

1.  Read a book.  I have been reading The Alice Network for about 3 months.  It's a long book and it was recommended HIGHLY by a good friend of mine, so I want to actually read it.  Maybe I'll have a chance this weekend.  If you find reading boring, by the way, you're reading the wrong book.

2.  Take that easel out that you've been promising yourself you'd do.  Your inner artist is calling your name.  Who knows what you'll create!

3.  Get cozy with your partner.  I wonder if there's going to be a baby boom in 9 months because people actually had to stay home with each other for a change?  Just a thought.

4.  Cook!  I've lately been trying to perfect my banana bread recipe because I always have rotten bananas in my house.  My husband says that he'll eat the yellow ones, but they always end up turning brown.

5.  Organize your basement!  MAN, this one is a good one.  I love the feeling of being organized, so this one is on my agenda this weekend.

Okay, now the boring one....  Do your taxes.  April 15th is coming quick and you know the IRS isn't going to cancel that.

Wash your hands, people.

You can also get more ideas here.  I like the paint one.....

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