We found out the newest Royal baby was finally named Louis, according to People.com.  I can hear the "in the can, let him out," jokes now.  "Louis" is not a weird name, but in MY family?  I don't know where they got some of these.

My Uncle's name was Corlis. We called him Zebby. Uncle Zeb. Even his nickname was weird. He was very nice though. Corlis' dad and my mother's dad was named "Ectus."  That's an old farmer's name and if I ever have another boy, it's gonna be named "Ectus."  I love that name, but, in today's world, it's weird.

"Zenaide" was another weird one that I came across when I looked at my family tree on ancestry.com. Not sure where she fits in, but I know she's related. Auntie "Hortense" was my great aunt, along with Lemina.  Strange indeed.

All those names were from my mother's side. My dad's side has all common names which means I'll probably never be able to trace my roots.  I have a lot of Johns, Marys and Richards, so good luck to me!

I did do the DNA from Ancestry.com, which is exciting and freaks me out at the same time. It's how I found my half sister, which is a good thing, but now I know that I can be cloned.

Probably not a great thing...




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