I absolutely love New England for so many reasons.  I love the scenery, I love the people here, I love the Mountains and the Ocean, because we do get them both.  People sometimes ask, "Do you like living here?"  Okay, that's the first thing not to say to someone who lives here.  YES!!!  YES!!  I like living here.  Otherwise, I'd be living in Montana.

New England has 6 states, so not everything revolves around Boston.  No, I do not know Ben or Jerry and I've never met Tom Brady, much to my dismay.  (I did, however, bump in to Steven Tyler a few times...... and that's probably because I live here.)

People assume that I am a skiier all the time.  I am not.  The only time I've been to a mountain is when the radio station sent me there.  I hate to be cold and please, don't ask the follow up questions, "why do you like here, then." (see above)   I am a fan of the lodge, so don't think that you shouldn't ask if I want to go to Sunday River, Nashoba Valley, Cranmore Mountain, etc., etc..  On the contrary, I will go and have a great time.... at the bar.  I'll order you a hot toddy for when you come in from the cold and all will be well.

Here are 5 other things you should never say to someone who lives in New England:

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