Why Are Prices So High at New England Grocery Stores?

Yesterday, I went to Market Basket in Lee, NH to get "just a few things" that I needed for the rest of the week, into the weekend.  I prefer to go during the week since the weekend grocery store game is tough sometimes with everyone doing their shopping at the same time.

This isn't the first time I've noticed the prices at the store going up and up and UP, but yesterday I just could not believe the high prices on everything!  And this was Market Basket!  I know, from being a Market Basket customer my entire life, even back when it was DeMoulas, they have the best prices possible for their customers, but we are currently experiencing an inflation spike.

Sully pix
Sully pix

At this time last year, July of 2020, the inflation rate was at 1%.  Now, the inflation rate is 5.4% year over year.  Also, inflation is not expected to come down for the next several years, according to statistica.com.  

Several reasons for inflation include increased demand for goods, increased wages and production costs.  Also, if we are willing to pay for it as consumers, the prices will stay high.  Maybe that's why we are seeing an increase in gardening.  This Summer seemed like everyone was getting into the garden game, which has become pricey as well with the cost of materials.

Some people started to notice the incredibly high prices at the grocery store when people started to panic and buy up every roll of toilet paper around.  Toilet paper sales went up 734% compared to the same time the previous year, according to Fortune.com.  When toilet paper wasn't available, people started to buy alternatives like tissues and paper towels.  (Ouch!)


With seemingly no end in sight to the prices at the grocery store, we need help to save money.  Here are a few tips that have worked for me:

Shop More Often

One big suggestion I would make is to get resourceful with your shopping.  Shop more often so you don't overbuy what you won't use.  This one works really well for me.  Just buy what you need.

Generic Brands Are Where It's At

Buy more generic brands.  Some are great like store-brand mayonnaise is excellent.  Brown eggs, local and much cheaper than the fancy kind.

Get in the Coupon Game

Use Coupons.  They have become really easy to find online.  Apps like "Honey" have made it super easy to never pay full price.

Check Out the Discount Rack

The super discount racks you find around the store sometimes have really good deals, especially with "day old" bread and pastries.  If you have kids that want a quick breakfast, this is a great place to look.

The Smaller Cart Will Help

Use the smaller cart.  You'll notice faster how much you are buying.  You might even stop picking things up because you just don't have the room.

Biggest Tip of All

Never go to the store hungry.  We all know that you'll buy so much more if you are hungry, so keep snacks in the car before you go in.

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