The FIFA World Cup is currently in Russia and my husband is addicted to watching the games even though the US is not in it.  He loves soccer.  I've had to adapt.  Maybe you're in the same boat.  If so, here are some reasons to watch even if you couldn't care less about the outcome.

Reason #1:  They have funny names that make you giggle like a teenage girl, like.... Yuri Zhirkov.  Pronounced in a way that I can't even spell out here on the blog.  The team is full of names like him!

Reason #2:  The Penalty kicks are the only exciting part of the game and they only last a few minutes at the end of the game.  It's a 50/50 risk.  Is the ball going to go left or right?  Exciting stuff.

Reason #3:  The games are exactly 90 minutes.  Two halves of 45 minutes each.  You don't have to worry about looooong inning after inning like they have in Baseball.  Also, 5 minutes in football is NOT 5 minutes, it's a lie.  5 minutes in American football could last .... 1/2 hour?  45 min, maybe?

Reason #4:  They have tie games so sometimes, everyone gets a trophy.

Reason #5:  The costumes that the crowd wear are AMAZING!  SO much better than any other sport that is popular here in the States.

Reason #6:  The commercials this year are genius!  If you haven't seen this Geico ad, check it out:

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