Beginning Labor Day, the brewery will no longer be accepting tips.

According to, the owners David Boynton and Josh Henry have given this idea some thought.

“It’s a big cultural shift,” Boynton said. “But we feel it is an inevitable shift that’s going to happen anyway. ... What other industry asks the customer to pay for its employees’ wages. We need the community to understand that we are creating a business that treats all our employees fairly.”

Boynton and Henry call the no tipping "Hospitality Included" which will see the prices of some menu items rise.

This new program allows employees to be a wage that is close to what they are currently making. Also, the owners hope to provide paid time off for their workers which is often unheard of in the restaurant industry.

Some people feel that the service will go down if waiters and waitresses aren't working for tips.

What do you think?

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