Super Bowl Commercials 2023

I’m not here to argue: Commercials and the halftime show are the best part of the Super Bowl.

Sure, if your No. 1 favorite team is playing in the game, then that’s definitely a big deal for you and I’m excited and happy for you. But, more often than not, the commercials are the best part.

Some years are better than others but as technology, videography, editing, art direction, and all the parts of a commercial improve, so do the commercials.

So, I had a feeling that the commercials for 2023 were going to be good and I was not disappointed. Some made me laugh, some made my heart feel warm, and others were a flop.

I wasn’t going to admit this but I guess I will: I didn’t actually watch the game. I had it open in a tab on my laptop but only unmuted it and watched when the commercials were playing. I didn’t care about either team that was playing so I just didn’t waste my time watching the actual football part of the game, sue me.

But, I did watch every single commercial and I noticed multiple times when New England was represented. Whether it was physically showcased or just represented by one of our favorite New Englanders, I noticed our home region was highlighted in at least eight different commercials.

Massachusetts had the most representation and even had one commercial where it was directly set in Boston and of course, the thick accent rings through the entire thing.

If you missed out on the commercials, I’ve linked the videos below and if you did watch them, you can watch them again but this time paying attention to how and where New England made the cut.

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