The Boston accent is either something you're really proud of, or something you're trying to conceal, and it might slip out after a few too many Bud Lights.

Some celebrities that hail from New England are so good at turning on the Boston accent on command; it's like flipping a light switch. Remember the Smaht Pahk Superbowl commercial from a few years ago with a star-studded cast of New Englanders? This had us howling.

The best line might be: "stop being a smahty pants".

As a broadcaster, I have to be conscious to speak with no accent at all. Though the Boston accent feels like home for so many, others might find it jarring. Once in a while, it will slip out if I am talking about my favorite place to get a MAH-GARITA. For some reason, that's the word I have trouble with.

It appears that Ellen Fleming, who is a reporter for WWLP 22 News, was fighting off some Boston accent tendencies during a broadcast earlier this year. It was relatable to so many of us, and has been viewed millions of times!

One of the pair of eyeballs that came across this video was our very own Governor Sununu. He replied to the video, letting Ellen know that it's all good in the hood:

It's not the first time someone referred to our fine state as "New Hampsha", and it certainly won't be the last.

Do you have an accent? What words do you say that people call you out on?

Speaking of New Hampshire, here are some towns that you'd better know how to pronounce if you're going to call yourself a Granite Stater:

Top Mispronounced Towns That Show You Are Not From New Hampshire

How can you identify a Granite Stater in a line up? They will be able to perfectly pronounce every town on this list! Pronouncing something phonetically is not always how we roll here in New Hampshire, and the real ones know that.

Gallery Credit: Kira Lew

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