This is the cutest story I've heard in a long time.

An 86 year old woman in Pawtucket, Rhode Island spent her stimulus check on making people happy right in her own front yard.  She has created a Zoo from stuffed animals that she purchased online.

According to a story from, Nancy Conner said,

I went through World War II which was tough but it's nothing like what's happening now everything is so sad....... People are walking up and down the street looking very sad and I thought well what can I do? I'm handicapped. I can't go out there and do anything, but people love animals.

Nancy just seems like the sweetest lady.  She says in the report that she could have spent her stimulus check on herself, but she saw that people were "down in the dumps" and she wanted to do something to make people happy.  It was going to be a challenge because she is handicapped, but she thought of this idea and it's a big hit!

Nancy has all kinds of animals in her front yard and the bigger they are, the more expensive they were.  She has lions, a penguin, a stuffed BAT, a peacock, a zebra and so many more.  Some of the animals she has are statues that look very real and kids around the neighborhood absolutely love it!

This is happening all over the country.  Check out this YouTube video of a woman doing the same thing in Salt Lake City!

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