The state of Maine is unquestionably a winter wonderland.

There's some of the best downhill skiing in the east, which even attracts national and international events. The entire state is basically one giant snowmobile trail. I'm not sure there's a Maine family that doesn't own snowshoes. Snow tubing centers are easy to come by, and pond hockey pick-up games and tournaments fill the schedule.

However, I'm not here to discuss any of the those. This post is about the best winter activity there is: cross-country skiing.

Cross-country skiing has become a mainstream winter sport in America. The country's fitness boom and greater success at the international level have helped boost the sport exponentially.

I originally started cross-country skiing as a child, but I never caught the bug. About 20 years later I gave it another try, and haven't looked back. In fact, I even have roller skis to keep the exercise up in the non-winter months. It's a very healthy activity.

According to, cross-country skiing burns more calories (up to 1,100 per hour) than any other sport. It's a true total body workout.

Cross-country skiing can also be done anywhere. Simply find a field a have fun. Just don't trespass. That would be bad.

However, if you are looking for groomed trails and nice amenities, well I have the list for you. This region is loaded with tremendous spots to enjoy yourself out in the white stuff.

Here is a list of 10 of cross-country ski centers that you will absolutely love.

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