For so many people throughout New England, fall is their favorite season. Chillier temperatures and big sweatshirts, pumpkin spice everything and a chance to peep some gorgeous leaves make Fall an absolute favorite. But Fall of 2020 is already getting low marks, especially when a smack of winter decides to ruin the party like it did this past weekend.

Shared on Facebook by Meteorologist Mike Slifer, take a look at some of the snowfall amounts of key spots in northern New England. Some towns in New Hampshire got hammered with snow, making it feeling more like mid-January than mid-October. Jefferson, the home of Santa's Village, saw nearly a foot of snow which is absolutely ridiculous.

Maine wasn't completely off the hook either. Shared on Facebook by Kody Copp, places like Rangeley and Jackman saw their fair share of the white stuff as well. Statistics show that the first measurable snowfall for those areas typically isn't for a couple more weeks. Additionally, snowfall amounts of six inches or more don't typically arrive until mid-November. So this snowstorm was certainly unexpected. Even the moose in Maine were like, "come on, man".

For skiers and boarders, the excitement may already be building for a great snow-filled season. For the rest of us, the feeling of dread may have already kicked in. The good news is temperatures should feel far more seasonable this week, with lots of sunshine and no snow in the forecast. But we all know that won't last for long. Enjoy it while you can.

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