My stepdaughter, Maya Newsam, did a thing.

She bought the Owls Head General Store in Owl's Head, Maine! And yes, after she makes some much needed improvements to the store, she is bringing back some old favorites like... the 7 napkin burger that won Food Network's Best Burger for the State of Maine!

We are SO EXCITED for her!

As her Facebook post says, she has roots in Owls Head and the community has been unbelievably supportive of her! Some of the comments brought her to tears! Such overwhelming love from the community is confirmation that she has done the right thing!

As stated earlier, Maya isn't ready to open yet. The building needs some work and she needs to get some new equipment and a staff would be helpful. (haha!) If you know of anyone who might want a gig in Owls Head, Maine, contact Maya via email:

Maya will be 27 years old in August and as my sister Wendy said, at 27, we were both still picking underwear out of our butts.  Maya, however, has over 10 years experience in the restaurant industry, so she comes in to the community with the knowledge she needs to get that place up and running again.

Did I say how excited we are for her?


GO MAYA! We could not be more proud of you!  Here we are with Maya's sister, Audrey, who I'm sure will be helping at the store in some way.



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