Well, she has an opening date, Folks!

My step-daughter, Maya Newsam, Owner of the Owl's Head General Store in Owl's head, Maine has an opening date!

If you're not familiar with her story, Maya had been living in Gloucester, Mass and working in Beverly as a server and she was put on furlough in March, like so many other restaurant workers.  While she wasn't working, she decided to spend the time at her Mom's vacation home on the coast of Maine.  Why wouldn't she?  It's a gorgeous place.

While in Owl's Head, she drove by the abandoned Owl's Head General Store. It had been closed for quite some time and she thought, "Gee, that's too bad." When talking to her Mom about it, her Mother said, "That place just needs someone to love it." Maya thought to herself, "Is that MEEE?!" Turns out, it is you, Maya.

It has been a labor of love for the past few months from repairing the roof, to putting in new floors, to hiring staff, Maya has been working her butt off. That's her though. She's a worker. She has had help along the way, but really, this is her baby.

Apparently, it's the Owl's Head Community's baby too because WHOA! The outpouring of attention that she's received for this project has been incredible! Every day she is there, she will get anxious folks stopping by asking the same question... "When are you going to open?"

Well, now she has a date and people could not be more excited.

Lemme tell ya, we could not be more proud of our Maya Bee and can't wait to see what this fantastic, crazy chapter in her life will bring!

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