Like many of you, I am a HUGE fan of The Office.  I've seen every episode numerous times, and now that it's on Comedy Central, I have it on all the time in the background.

I have to say, my favorite Office episodes were when Steve Carrell was on during the first seven seasons.  As Michael Scott, he did some terrible things, but I couldn't help but root for him because he was so darn loveable!

I knew Steve and his wife Nancy both grew up in Massachusetts, but I was so excited to find out they actually owned a general store in Marshfield HIlls, MA.

According to the store's website, the couple bought the store in 2009 after hearing about it from Nancy's sister Tish.   Steve and Nancy spend their summers in the idyllic town whenever possible.

My friend Samantha has gotten a chance to meet Steve at his store:

I asked Samantha about how it was to meet him

"Steve Carell is actually from Acton, Ma and he went to Middlesex School in Concord.. I do know that he makes yearly visits back home .. he has the store and family here"

She added:

"I don’t know if he’s here this year ..cuz of COVID-19 but he’s a very nice, down to earth guy.. always has the fam with him in tow."
Samantha also said that she found out after she met him that they knew some of the same people:
"I only know all this cuz later I’d find out he hung out with some high school friends of mine and he was a trouble maker in school.."
So, maybe Prison Mike (Michael Scott's imaginary jail persona) wasn't so far off after all??!!
Thanks to Samantha for all the great information. I'm so happy that Steve is actually a really sweet, down to earth guy in person. 

I'm definitely taking a road trip to Marshfield HIlls!!

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