On Monday, New Hampshire State Police were called to 40A Lyford Hill Road in Pittsfield for a domestic disturbance, according to WMUR.

After a standoff of several hours, a man identified as Anthony Hannon, 52 years old of Pittsfield, was shot and killed by police, the news station stated.

According to the report, no one else was hurt in this incident.

WMUR stated that a SWAT team assisted in the standoff and that authorities worked for 10 hours to try and negotiate with Hannon.

Susan Morrell, senior assistant attorney general, said in the news station report, "We're sorry for the family and their loss and how it ended, but we're very thankful that no one was hurt, no one else was hurt."

The officers reportedly did not have "any body or cruiser cameras" on them, according to WMUR.

An autopsy is scheduled for today (Tuesday, June 15).


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