Some people live their entire lives in Maine and never once lay eyes on a moose. The closest most people get is seeing the array of 'moose crossing' signs that are dispersed across routes and highways in Maine. So if spotting a moose is a very rare occurrence, then what would you call spotting a moose crossing the road in front of a 'moose crossing' sign?

Shared on Facebook by Terri Anderson, we'd probably call it a once-in-a-lifetime moment and a hilarious one at that. This moose was crossing the road in Lexington Township, just a hop and skip from Sugarloaf Mountain. If you've visited the area, you know that the 'moose crossing' signs are plentiful along roadsides, but to actually see a moose "obeying" the sign is the kind of made-up story you'd hear around a campfire. Unless you're Terri of course.

While this snapshot is something to marvel at, it also reinforces how important it is to pay attention to those 'moose crossing' signs whenever they come up. They're scattered throughout Maine and they weren't just put there at random. The signs are placed in areas where moose are most likely to be, and they serve as a reminder that you don't want to experience a collision between your car and a moose.

So yes, there is the occasional moose in the Maine wilderness that understands the best place to cross the road is where the bright yellow sign is. Others, however, do not. Be alert and be aware in moose country.

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