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Are you upset that Rob Gronkowski teased us with coming back to the NFL and then convincing us that he wasn’t going to play, then turning up with the Buccaneers?  Are you kidding me? Are you angry that Tom Brady did that commercial, all dramatic in black and white walking into an empty Patriots stadium staging some big announcement only to be a commercial for Hulu?  And then he ACTUALLY leaves the Patriots and signs with Tampa?  Well, you are not alone.

According to, Smug Brewing, which is based in Pawtucket, RI has a new beer just for you.  So, when the NFL finally gets around to playing football, grab yourself some “Traitorade,” Smug Brewing’s latest new beer. Oh, it sounds so sweet, but not for the taste, it sounds sweet for the soul. says the beer is an “imperial fruit sour with sea salt.”  The pictures shared on the Smug Brewing Instagram page looks like a take-off on the Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s logo that features a bird with a sword in his beak.

I think the whole of last year with Gronk wrestling, showing up on reality television, becoming his partnership with cannabis company CBD Medic was just a show.  I really believed him when he said he was going to stay retired.  I personally will be cracking open a can of “Traitorade” just for the first game I see Gronk and Brady play.  Which side are you on?  Will you be cheering Brady and Gronk or will you be rooting for them to lose?



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