Like many Pats fans, I watched Brady's cameo on the 'Living With Yourself' clip over the weekend and was confused and troubled by the possible implications and fallout. Now it all makes perfect sense.

New England Patriots Media Availability
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Brady Was Set Up!

If you haven't seen the video yet, it does look incriminating.

Brady walks out of a 'Day Spa' that looks suspiciously similar to 'The Orchids of Asia'.

But the scene with Brady was filmed BEFORE this incident even happened. The reason why the resemblance to the strip mall location is so uncanny? It was all imposed digitally through green screen technology.

Besides the jackpot of free promotion that this show has received over the last 2 days (hating the Patriots anywhere west of Connecticut is a nationwide phenomenon), the director of this show IS A NEW YORK JETS FAN.

Paul Rudd isn't entirely innocent either, as I know he is a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan.

I gotta think Brady is going to be all fired up tonight as they face his newfound enemy's favorite team.


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