I never thought that I'd ever show the world just how bad things had gotten, both on, and around the bureau in my bedroom, but I hope this will keep me on task to stay organized in 2020.

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There is virtually nothing of use on top of this bureau with the exception being the leather travel kit. Why do I keep it there and not in my suitcase? Because that's where it's always been!

Every piece of electronic equipment in this photo hasn't been used in years. After much anxiety, I threw out all of it but kept the 1996 AIWA triple combo CD/Double Cassette/Radio Boom Box because it is being held for a retro enthusiast.

(It now resides in the attic with a throw out date of 12/31/20)

The old checkbooks have been burnt in a furnace, the lint roller is in placed in the bathroom shelf where it belongs and the pack of Hanes Boxer Briefs that are too small? They're in a new plastic bin in the attic that now holds all my 'slightly too small' clothes.

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It's amazing how easy it is to dust and clean areas when they are not piled with junk that you're afraid to touch because 'at least I know where it is'.

This was the first step in regaining access to use my bureau as it was intended.

The next chapter in this saga is just as embarrassing. I hadn't even opened the drawers at this point.

Stay tuned!