Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers will be playing The Cross Insurance Arena on August 31st in Portland, ME and The Shark Morning Show has your tickets. In order to win them you have to identify the 3 Petty songs as they play simultaneously which we refer to as a 'Rockpile' and I have foolproof tips to help you solve it.

We'll use today's example that was brilliantly solved by Shannon of Kittery, ME.

Tom Petty Rockpile for 07/08/14:

Tip #1- Process of Elimination - Right off the bat you'll recognize at least one song. Write it down and try to block it out the next time you hear the Rockpile.

Tip #2- Record and Repeat - If you're not driving, use all the technological advances to your advantage to record the Rockpile the first time and listen to it repeatedly.

Tip #3 - Guess the Hits - If you're going to guess, GUESS A HIT! We are not going to put in audio from a Super 8 recording of Mudcrutch playing a keg party in Gainesville, FL in 1973. Guessing something like that may impress musicologists but it ain't gonna win you squat.

Tip #4 - Listen to the Other Contestants - It's amazing how all people sense things differently and Rockpiles are no different. Usually within 3 attempts from our listeners ALL 3 songs are revealed and Jonathan will say how many are correct. Take Tip #1 a step further and those tickets will be yours! (Shannon from Kittery, ME used just Tips 1 and 4 today and now he's going to the show!)