You don't NEED a garden that's full of fresh tomatoes and jalapeno peppers to make this recipe, but it helps! Here's a simple way that I put together nachos for primo football snacking.

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Are those tomatoes IN THE SHAPE OF FOOTBALLS? Yep. If you quarter about a dozen large cherry tomatoes length wise (and remove the seeds) you're about halfway done!

How this for a fresh jalapeno?

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If you remove all the seeds and ribs of a jalapeno (this method removes a lot of the heat) and sprinkle the remaining pieces over the tomatoes, Plate Number One is finished!

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Plate 2 consists of a big handful of Santitas brand tortilla chips and a couple tablespoons of mozzarella cheese melted in the microwave for :54 seconds (no more, no less).

Top with some fresh ground black pepper and you are ready to enjoy!

Talk about a Touchdown! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!