Aw shucks! I tried this corn silk removal hack years ago and now it's views are up in the thousands? I can attest it really works.

I'll answer the most popular questions from the comment boxes, as they have begun to pile up over the years.

How much time per ear?

I put this one ear in for 2 minutes and after waiting an additional 2 or 3 minutes for it to cool off, it still was blazing hot. Be careful.

Will it work if corn is halfway shucked?

No. Shucking corn from 'top' to 'bottom' is what results in stubborn silk sticking to the ear and it seems like it never fully goes away. This method seems to naturally remove 99.9% of all the silk like it was MEANT to be done this way.


Honestly, this is the only time I ever tried this shucking method, it's more of a neat trick than it is a convenient new way to enjoy corn on the cob.

You end up losing a decent piece of the corn and the traditional boiling method is far more consistent way to cook.

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