I was excited to discover that Oxford Casino had added two new 'Lightning Link' games to their line up of slots. And beyond excited when I hit this 'Bonus' on my first try!

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On this particular 'Las Vegas Nights' game, you need to have no less than six of these black chips on a given spin.

Once this is achieved, the fun really begins!

The board then automatically spins 3 times and you are hoping for as many black chips as possible. For every additional black chip you receive, your spin total resets to 3.

One you have had 3 spins without getting any additional black chips, the bonus round is over and the chip amounts are totaled through a series of exhilarating lightning bolts.

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For ONE fifty cent spin to equal a $19 win? I'm not complaining.

As my vacation draws ever closer (11 days away), the 'Vegas Nights' that I'm focused on will be for real.

But during my time away, I shall rejoice in the knowledge that this great game will just be a 98 minute drive away at my favorite casino when I return home.