He hasn't coached The New England Patriots in over 17 years yet he STILL drives me crazy. Why?

I spent half the morning ridiculing the latest loss of The Seattle Seahawks and Jonathan can't figure out why their Head Coach Pete Carroll is still the target of so much animosity from Yours Truly.

The list of his accomplishments is so lengthy that it would take hours to compile them. Not to mention he is one of the only coaches to win championships at the highest collegiate level AND the professional level in ALL OF SPORTS.

There is just an unpreparedness to his style that drove me bonkers in the 3 seasons he spent in New England and it CONTINUES today.

A perfect example is shown in the Super Bowl XLIX YouTube video above.

After being intercepted when you had a near sure touchdown with repeated Marshawn Lynch carries, the ensuing defensive encroachment penalty COMPLETELY erased any chance they had.

And nobody ever talks about it.

If a Bill Belichick coached team were in the same precarious position, I'd like to think that they'd keep their heads together and maximize their chance to force a safety and get the ball back to TB12.

I guess I should be thankful to Mr. Carroll for my perceived flaw in his approach, but he sends my blood pressure soaring every single time something like this happens.

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