Let's give thanks to Sarah Josepha Hale from Newport, NH.

Rustic Thankgiving Dinner

Sarah Josepha Hale was born in 1788 in Newport. She grew up in a time where education was mostly for the males in this country.

Hale was home-schooled, and after her brother went off to Dartmouth, Sarah opened a private school in Newport for both boys and girls in 1806.

Soon, Hale was asked to be the editor of a popular women's magazine, "Ladies gazine" in Boston.

While at that job, every year, Hale would tell women to write their senator and ask to make Thanksgiving a national holiday. Finally, after several requests, in 1863, Abraham Lincoln granted Sarah's request.

Sarah Josepha Hale lived into her 90's, and accomplished quite a bit. As a teacher, an editor, a poet and a writer.

Oh yeah, you also might now Hale from a little poem she wrote called 'Mary's Lamb", better know as 'Mary Had a Little Lamb".

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