Another wildly successful 'World's Largest Yard Sale' has come and gone and I'm here to show you how I graduated from 'Roamer' to 'Security' with a pictorial journal.

Train Images


After 'Roaming' for about an hour, I decided to hang out with Shark News Director Don Briand as he worked the drive up entrance. I quickly realized that math was involved with his assignment and fled immediately.

10:31 AM 

I found a great deal on some plastic lizards and wanted to show Sarah. She didn't share my enthusiasm with the new found reptilian friends so I 'allegedly' began throwing them at her.

10:31:30 AM

Me, showing the lizards, NOT throwing them.


Sarah suggested I go find our event staff and get re-assigned a new occupation. It appears my 'roaming' days are over.

10:32 AM

I reluctantly agreed.


I was then given a very important task 'Hoover Street Gate Security'.

I was instructed to inform any potential yard sale goers that this gate was NOT in service and to use the MAIN entrance at the end of Lafayette Street.


I was informed this remote gate (the furthest from the yard sale) is a hot bed of activity and I can only assume the lack of traffic is due to my steadfast adherence to rules and regulations. The public can sense that I'm not a man to be messed with.


As with most security jobs, it can be a lonely profession, but knowing that I made a difference as the last line of defense made it all worthwhile.