Bob and I are on our hottest 'Big Pick' streak of the year as we both racked up an impressive combined record of 21-9 last week. To ignore this week's selections would be downright foolish!

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Bob From Honda Barn Picks: The Detroit Lions

It is a very good time to be a Lions fan. (Wow. Does that seem strange to write. Even stranger to read.) But Bob points out in his 'Big Pick' that Matt Stafford is playing like a true contender and should shred The Bears at home this week.

Joe Robbins

A-Train Picks: The San Francisco 49ers

I know this match up between the Niners and Jets may be THE WORST game on the schedule, let alone the entire year, but I see it as a golden opportunity for SF Head Coach and ex-UNH Offensive coordinator Chip Kelly to beat 'Gang Green' as it appears that the J E T S are DONE, DONE, DONE!

Make your picks right now and you still have a great chance to win a prize on this week's games!