He's Baaaaaaack! Yes folks Bob from Honda Barn is here! After scorching the earth last year with his 1st place finish, he has returned for another fun season of pigskin prognostications.

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Bob From Honda Barn Picks: The Atlanta Falcons

Super Bowl Hangover? No Way! Bob has boldly predicted that Matty Ice will easily handle Da Bears in Chicago on Sunday.

Hopefully, they won't charge out to a 28-3 lead. Oooooh now that's just cruel.

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A-Train Picks: The NY Giants

It's impossible to find a good picture of Eli Manning. It's also impossible for me to come up with a reason that they'll beat Dallas on Sunday Night, HOWEVER I'm going to do just that.

Eli just seems to have their number. For that reason I'm picking The G-Men over The Cowboys.