As thrilled as I was to see the preserved old signage from The Barbary Coast Hotel and Casino, there is still an expression of sadness in this Vegas selfie that I must explain.

Train Images
Train Images

It was March of 2000 and a buddy and I just spent 6 hours confined inside a turbulent flight. After checking in at the Motel on Paradise Road, we walked about 3 miles towards the Las Vegas Strip and The Barbary was the first place in sight.

It was on this historic occasion that I would first enter 'The Victorian Room'.

A great sit down restaurant with old school red leather booths and waiters with pseudo-tuxedos. Like walking into 1965!

For $10.99, you'd get an outstanding 20 ounce Prime Rib with a baked potato (I'd always get fries) and you're choice of vegetable. They had terrific rolls too that were stacked high in a basket along with real butter.

When I found this old sign at The Neon Museum, the expression of my face reflects the sadness in missing The Victorian Room's Prime Rib Special. No restaurant has yet come close to replicating it.


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