UNH is requiring all students and professors to be tested for COVID-19, according to their website.  They have partnered with Convenient MD and they are being very strict about testing.  If your test comes back negative, you can come on campus, with a mask.

My step-son, Wesley Newsam, got tested yesterday and he said that it was a very smooth process.  Wes decided to go at the very last appointment of the day, so there was not many people there at the time.  The test did not hurt, as we've heard from other people and we should have his result in a couple days.  It is not expected that he comes back with a positive result.  If it does, I will, admittedly, freak out as we live together with Wes' Dad.

We have been very careful, but we do occasionally go out for food, gas, work, etc.  I come here to the studio and see 6 people on a regular basis.  If it comes back positive, I would stay at home and have everyone here tested, but that won't happen..... Right?

That's the thing with this particular virus, isn't it?  It's making people crazy because it's so unpredictable!  There has been a wealth of information and a lot of it contradicts each other, so you never know what to do from one minute to the next.

We can find out our results online, however, it won't be public knowledge.

According to this link, 99.79% of the UNH tests have come back negative, with .21% positive.  The odds are pretty good that the test will be negative.

From Wuhan to New York City: A Timeline of COVID-19's Spread



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