So, WMUR is reporting that the Rochester Fair may not take place this year due to financial issues and that makes me terribly sad.

We have had some fun times at the Rochester Fair, I can't imagine a year (or longer) without it, especially after 140 years!

According to WMUR,

The president of the board said the buildings and fairgrounds are in need of major renovations, but the organization hasn't made money in more than a dozen years. He cites declining attendance and rising costs as the reasons why.

Board members are reworking budgets and talking to investors, but if they don't raise several hundred thousand dollars, the 10-day fair in September might not happen.

WMUR is also reporting that employees have said they will work for FREE to keep the fair alive! That shows you how much this fair means to the people involved and the surrounding communities. It would be a gigantic loss if we didn't have the Rochester Fair, lets hope that doesn't happen.

As I said before, The Shark has had a blast at the Rochester Fair in the past, check out the vids:


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