If everything stays on track, sports fans of New England will be enjoying ALL FOUR TEAMS resuming play! Here's the order of dates you need to circle on the calendar.

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Friday, July 24th; Red Sox 'Opening Day' 7:30pm

For all of their squabbles and internal turmoil, Major League Baseball is scheduled to start 'Regular Season Play' before any other sport of 'The Big Four'.

The Sox will be taking on The Baltimore Orioles at Fenway Park. This home opener will be unlike any that I can ever remember. A Friday night game? Let's GO!

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Friday, July 31st; Boston Celtics vs Milwaukee Bucks 6:30pm

Hopefully, this regular season opener will also be this year's Eastern Conference Final. What a match up to start the season! The Celts are leaving tomorrow for 'The Bubble' in Orlando and will be scrimmaging OKC on the same day as The Sox opener.

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Saturday, August 1st; Boston Bruins vs '?' in Toronto

Well, this is obviously lacking in pertinent information, yet, I have the most positive feelings about the NHL putting together a solid post-season product. The owners and players appear to be harmonious and I think that by placing both 'hub cities' (Edmonton and Toronto)in the country that is the birthplace of the sport will bode well for what's left of the 2019-2020 season.

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Sunday, September 13th; New England Patriots vs Miami at Gillette Stadium

With Cam Newton's arrival, it goes without saying The New England Patriots desperately need some real scrimmage work against an opposing team. Unfortunately though, it's looking more and more like the preseason WILL NOT happen this year.

With the new post season format that includes FOURTEEN teams, we all can hope that an inevitable slow start really won't affect our beloved Pats come January.

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